loading 28kbI was born and bread and raised in the multicultural society of West London, which means (for those of you who are not in the know) I didn't have to look very far to hear wicked Breakbeats.

For me, music was a social and cultural thing, because as soon as I got out my front door I was able to see the amount of respect that was equated to the sound system. When I say sound system I am not talking about huge speakers, amplifiers, and decks literally, rather I am taking about street music as entity.

When I was a little youth, if you could Breakdance, Bodypop, Rap, and Beatbox you were "heavy"; that coupled with being able to do a few "wheeles and endows" on a BMX, plus a few petty crimes, made you a "rude boy." The reason why I am saying this is to make those people who do not know, understand that MCing for me back in the day was a trend as well as a way of life, for which a man was well respected. Nowadays kids play pocket game consoles when they are waiting for a teacher or if they get a chance in a detention (I think-correct me if I am wrong). In my time, however, we cleared the tables in the classroom and MCed, Breakdanced, Bodypoped, and Beatboxed at every opportunity we could.

I first started MCing to Rap and Reggae style types of music, because they were the only kinds of respected music around at that time. When I MCed, I MCed to, Beatbox rhythms, Beat tracks played on them mono tape recorders, and sometimes to no rhythm; I just Freestyled with my mates and those who wanted to test us. Even through we had no mic's and crapy equipment we still MCed 24-7, and wherever we could, i.e. in shopping areas, car parks, parks, on the streets, and on the estates in general.

As I became older and street music did not focus so much on group rebellion, but rather on the factor of "energy rush”, I started to take more of a preference to the new buzzing music. I suppose you can say it was about this time (1990) that I started to chat to my first break beats. Also at this time there was a change in location, in terms of where we MCed. Breakdance had really died down; there was hardly any people doing it in everyday public areas anymore (it had become restricted to small areas, such as parts of the estate). This effected MCing and Beatboxing, as the lot came as package. Whilst we didn't MC to the direct public we continued to MC amongst ourselves. Most of the MCing that we did took place on our way too and from school. This pattern of life soon changed after we got what I like to call a personal invite to the illegal rave scene. My mate Tom's older brother was organising local raves big time, and so we got to chat and DJ at them (respect fe dat Adrian). Me, Tom, and Sly Si (mate and dj) started to get a few gigs at the local raves. Later Toms brother got a pirate station going, and we chatted and DJed on it randomly. Through Tom's brother and his mate Pike, we got a chance to talk and DJ on some of the local stations (cheers). At first we were really booming. We started to die down in 93/94 and eventually stopped. One of reasons why we stopped may have had to do with 93/94, which were serious years for scene (I am not going to say why because that's just my opinion, which I do not want to vent on the Internet). Another reason why we might have stopped is because we were 15/16, and known to many as 18 ??year olds which meant we no longer were limited in our lifestyles. We were also at that age where we had earned whatever credit we could get, and credit was not all that important anyway. All we wanted to do was party, and even though I had a distinct preference to break beat; I rocked to anything electronic (as long as it was not an electric guitar).

I hardly did any public Mcing after this until about 98. When I met my mate Si who had started off a pirate station in another part of west London where he was living with his girlfriend, who was expecting, which meant he couldn't get out much. I too was in a situation where I couldn't get out much, which meant we had a lot of time to do sessions. We did not just session in Breakbeats but also in Garage, Ragga , Rap, Hip-Hop, and RMB. I MCed and he DJed. We usually broadcasted 4/5 times a week for about few hrs, depending on how we felt. Si and me did this every week (mostly) for about a year until we lost transmission. After this we stilled flexed, every time the boys and me played station at Si`s yard (which was quite often). Apart from sessioning with Si, I also occasionally MCed to the public at clubs randomly, (nothing big) either with a booked gig, or at freestyle competitions (in all music). I also flexed with my man's Wicked Axe, Dean and Shy on the hip-hop and Ragga side, and I also done some gigs at the student unions of various London uni's.

In the summer of 2000 I went to Germany to Live. For nearly a year I went to no drum and bass parties at all, (don't know why; maybe because availability, and lack of my knowledge) and the only MCing I did was to myself. One day I went with my mate to a Mediation party. On the way to the party, a drum bass tape was being played in the car, with a live MC, I soon found myself chatting to the breaks for the first time in a long time again. The people in the car (some of which were proper dnb heads) said they loved the style, and they even tried to get me to MC at the gig itself (which I managed to get of in the end). One of the people in the car was AK-77 (previously a DJ of techno) who convinced me to MC with him. Him and me started of with one turntable and a crapy mic that I had from Dixsons (shop). As we worked our way up, those who heard us thought we were really good and encouraged us to make tapes and do parties, which we did for our friends. We started going to dnb parties on a regular basis. At these parties and clubs, my mates and other people who were impressed by my MCing skills; asked if I could have the mic (this happen many times with out me knowing about it). The answer which, they usually got was negative. The support and motivation that my mates and others gave me (thanks and respect), plus issue of it being a real task to get on the mic, made me try harder to get the mic. In fact when I think about it, these are probably some the main factors which, made me want to become a respected MC. I was determined to make sure that when I got on the mic I would rinse. As I went through the stages of practising, I became more involved in thought with Breakbeats than I ever was. I was 110% certain that I wanted to make contribution to the drum and bass scene as an MC, and aid the force of jungle in terms of its representation in any way I could.

DJ Daneilson was one of Djs who I flexed with -at first on a school set- during my quest of trying to get the mic. After the set, we both shared the feeling that we were good as a team, and agreed to meet up again. The next time we met was at Ak-77 yard where we did a 70 minute session, only this time it was dark drum n bass (my favourite style). I had never heard anything as hyper as what went on that night before, and I am not just saying that because he's my DJ now (whether you want to believe that or not - I don't give a fuck- the session was on fire). I was covered in sweat after the first 15 minuets; that's how hot it was. I was very pleased that Danielson liked my MCing, because it needed a DJ like that to take my MCing to the next level. Danielson and myself continued to flex regularly after that and our first gig was an absolute stompa. Since then we have carried on doing gigs and have earned a steady place on the down-town Stuttgart dnb radio station (Code Red) where we are doing a weekly show ("Junglism-Forcez") till today. As well as doing gigs and shows, we are currently involved in projects of creating new sounds.

My aims for the future are: (1) to better my MCing skills, (2) secure a resident club for Junglism-Forcez ,(3) help any new up and coming talent in the scene (thereby stabilising the Junglism Force) (4) to put Junglism Forcez on a international scale and work closely with UK contacts (5) to create new unique, abstract, and dynamic sounds.

All in all, helping make sure that the Force stays on Course for its destination, Junglism

Shouts going out to all of those that know me Worldwide
Respect to those who don't know me but have taken time to read this biography
I am sorry it's so long winded, but I hope it gives some sort of picture in any case.."Sorry that I am not a fucking writer/editor- but an Mc who's lyrics are tidier, caus I polish dem up long witd my furniture…"


Places where I have chatted:

  • UK
    • Koas wherehouse raves (series of raves put on at various locations in London and the West Country)
    • Stocks (London)
    • Hamersmith Palce (London)
    • Guildhall University (London)
    • Bule Angel (London)
    • Luton University (London)
    • Moonlight (London)
    • Kingston university (London)
    • Options (London)
    • Radio Stations:
      • Lively Fm
      • Energysessions Fm
      • Viberant Fm
  • Germany
    • Sudhaus (tubingen)
    • Orangerie (tubingen)
    • C22 (Stuttgart)
    • Sound (Saarland)
    • Rohre (stuttgart)
    • Celle (reutlingen)
    • Soundsystem (reutlingen)
    • Radio stations:
      • Code red



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