Junglism forcez is a drum and bass crew from stuttgart in Southern Germany. At the moment there are four members in JF crew: dj danielson, dj seth A.K.A da frequencer, dj matty b, and mc jj. jules. The crew was officially formed in april 2003, but its members have been involved in dnb for over a decade (for more info: click artist details).
The term junglism forcez (to help the forcez of dance music as an entity) was given to the crew, as it is meant to represent the style of music which they play, and their future intentions, not only in live sets, but also on the production side.

The story pt 1
It all started when mc jj. jules asked dj danielson if he could chat a few lyrics on an old school set which he was playing, and dj danielson said yes. The two vibes that complemented one another on this set, guaranteed that both men would have to come together for another session, which they did. The next time they met up was at dj ak-77 yard, where they done a jump up dnb session, which was an absolute fucking stompa of a set. Both of the artists was covered in sweat after 15mins, and all agreed that they had not heard anything like what went on that night for time, especially as there was only 4 people in the room apart from themselves and it was „quiet time"(law) in germany, which meant the Polizei could come through the door any minute.
After these two sessions, every time dj danielson played he said he wanted mc jj. jules as his mc, and this also happened visa versa, although this was a bit more tricky, but it worked most of the time. Soon the two boys started to get booked as a team (junglism-forcez) and that was the beginning of a very long story they hope.
Since then they have been all over the place impressing and amazing each other and the crowd with their sounds, and pushing themselves and junglism to the next level. Besides entertaining in clubs, the two men have also gained a resident spot on the dnb radio station code red where they still do their weekly show „Junglism-forcez" till today. Dj danielson has also been busy on the studio side of things making some nasty tunes, which you we will be hearing soon, so watch out for that.

The story pt 2
In the spring of 2003 junglism forcez took on another member Dj seth A.KA da frequencer. Jf initially met up with seth through a party exchange deal, but when it came to playing together all 3 men realised that they had more in common than just having a party location, and so they decided to style up with one another more often. It was on the junglism forcez radio show night that mc jj. jules found himself saying „now you subscribe to the junglism forcez" and dj danielson said something to the effect that he is a Jf member, and so dj seth came to be the third jf crew artist. After dj seth became a member, the three men change up seths old crucifixion club and made it into dnb inifity, a club which is starting to get recognition very quickly, as many famous national and international djs have played or are starting to play there.
Early summer 2003 saw the arrival of a new jf crew artist, dj matty b. Mc jj. jules and dj danielson had known matty for time (long before junglism forcez existed), but they didn't even know that matty had a set of decks, let alone that he was a kriss mixer. Jf first got to listen and style up with dark horse matty b at some house party. Matty b made such a good impression with the jf crew and the rest of the people at the party that he was invited to the dnb infinity club, to do a session with the forcez and some other local djs. Some sick things went on that night, which caused this event for matty to be far from the last with the junglism forcez. After that matty started to do regular sets with the jf crew but it was not until three wikkid consecutive sessions, including one on the junglism forcez radio, and absolute tear down with dj payne (usa) at the street parade (Zurich Switzerland), that junglism forcez were convinced that matty b was their fourth man. Junglism forcez took matty on because of the bang on vibe that he shared with them on these two events, which could also be blatantly seen by the people's reaction.

JF Crew Clubography
d&b infinity club stuttgart, rude-club stuttgart, röhre stuttgart, frühjahrszauber, phaze-club mannheim, xmf berlin, schilli ulm, fight-club heidelberg, reload kantine augsburg, grüner raum münchen, kranhalle münchen, messe sindelfingen, juha böblingen, sound saarland, jam saarland, action ulm, hemprium ulm, nightvision tübingen, orangerie tübingen, messe tübingen, depot tübingen, epplehaus tübingen, zelle reutlingen, walter´s albstadt/ebingen, grosser bär, roxy ulm, social club london, koas wherehouse raves (series of raves put on at various locations in London and the West Country) stocks (London) hamersmith palce (London) guildhall university (London) bule angel (London) luton university (London) moonlight (London) kingston university (London) options (London) boulevard (london) lively fm, Energy session, fm,Viberant fm, code-red radio, Also can't forget "respect to thorre and all da boys and girls rinsen out propper".

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